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I’ve been meaning to write about this site, ArtBabble, for a while now. It offers a collection of high definition videos dedicated to art and artists, from interviews and artworks to talks and documentaries. This is how they sum it up: 

What is ArtBabble?

noun; verb (used without object) -bled, -bling

1. free flowing conversation, about art, for anyone.

2. a place where everyone is invited to join an open, ongoing discussion – no art degree required.

Here is an example of the kind of video they host:

What happens when five artists come one of the world’s largest libraries in search of inspiration for their next project? Hosted by Grace Bonney of the Design*Sponge blog, “Design by the Book” follows a glassblower, letterpress printer, ceramicist, pattern designer, and graphic designer as they uncover hidden treasures in The New York Public Library and then return to their studios ready to design… by the book. The artists are: Lorena Barrezueta, Rebecca Kutys, Mike Perry, John Pomp and Julia Rothman. Special guest Isaac Mizrahi will joins us in Episode 2 to share his sources of inspiration.

Unfortunately, it is predominently American art and artists. The closest thing we have, for now, is Tate Shots.


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